Do you know your Telegram Channel give you High Domain Authority? šŸ™„

See my proof.. I get DA 93 Backlink from my own Telegram Channel.

This connection is linked between my Telegram Channel and my Sub Domain Blog:



All screenshots are above this post also I upload my last backlink audit from 8k+ to 12k+ right now.

Sorry.. I don't mean to teach you, I just give you spirit and sharing what I know:

šŸ’š You don't need to pay someone else just getting SEO point.

šŸ’š Free method is not always going to Trash Bin... Believe me šŸ¤—

šŸ’š My suggestion: Start create Telegram channel that contain useful articles, insert your website link at Channel Bio and earlier posts ( below 100 posts to make Google Bot easy to crawl your connected link.. This is my own experience...šŸ™„šŸ¤—

_________you can try_________

September 30, 2020
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