190k Alexa Rank within 55 days: Our SEO story.

By: Mister Negative






We opened our blog about 55 days ago at the time of writing this article. Currently, we have an Alexa Rank of approximately 190k globally, and our we are found in leading search engines like Bing and Google also, sometimes in the top 5 entries in the first page itself. We didn’t pay anyone for our SEO since we had no money to invest initially, so we had to do everything on our own. How do you think we made it? Even we were surprised at the progress. After some thorough investigation, I found the following factors:

1) The Page structure and the mobile experience: For any person working on SEO out there, you must be aware that Google prioritizes mobile views first.

If you use AMP without issues, it’s perfect. If you don’t (like us), PLEASE optimize your pages and posts, or you’ll never get to see your page/post on Google.

2) The number of visitors in your site through social (or direct URL entry): Well, this is all about marketing. Try to have your friends and relatives visit your site and read some content for sometime.

Fortunately for me, I have the benefit of living in a joint family :P. I told all my uncles and aunts about it, and they told it to some more people. And hence, this chain continued.

Building small blocks of audience and combining them into an organic whole is what the ultimate target of an SEO expert should be.

3) As always, Content is the King. But who’s the one who popularizes it? It’s the vizier, and for your website’s empire, it’s User Experience (or as they trendily call it, the UX) is the vizier. The better the UX, the better is the chance of ranking in the first page of Google.

4) Improve both your on-page and offpage SEO with SEObility, SEMRush, Ahrefs, or any other online tool that offers you similar features.

5) PageSpeed Insights by Google Developers: To check speed of the web pages.

The HummingBird Algorithm introduced by Google prioritizes the Page Loading Speed for your sites. This is noticeable especially for the mobile version of the sites.

6) Ads: Well, this has to be carefully balanced. Ads drive revenue to your site, while excess of them slow down your site and may actually decrease your revenue. As of now, we try to avoid ads.

We had tried ads earlier. Google Ads, HilltopAds, Adsterra, InfoLinks, Media.net, … you name it, we tried it. But we’ve found an alternate way, and that is affiliate marketing. It really pays off. HIDDEN

7) Keyword and Content Research: Use Ahrefs or SEMRush to track our post engagements and to do research on content and keywords.

8) Maintenance: Yes, you heard that right. Maintaining your pages is a factor that Google takes VERY SERIOUSLY. You might never know, but due to any changes you made recently, some of your posts or pages may break. So maintenance is something whose importance cannot be stressed enough.

Ahrefs, SEMRush, SEObility… all help you to audit your site and track for new errors. Even Google provides you with a tool to monitor your site’s errors.

Yeah, that’s all we did with regards to SEO. And boom! Up we rose through the ranks and achieved 190k Global Alexa rank in 55 days. Now coming to the main part: HOW we did it.

How we did it:

1. Maximizing the utilization of free tools:

When you have no money to spend (like we didn’t), free plugins are all what you have. They offer you features, but you have to maximize them, which I think we roughly did. We use the following tools to manage all our SEO:

1. Google Analytics

2. Google Search Console

3. RankMath SEO WordPress Plugin

4. Google Site Kit WordPress Plugin

5. SEMRush

6. Ahrefs (sometimes)

7. Google PageSpeed Insights

8. RankWatch

October 08, 2020
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