Here are some of the signals that Google has said are not direct ranking signals in its Search algorithms:

* Search quality raters guidelines ratings ([source](

* Google Ads ([source](

* Social media mentions or likes ([source](

* Click-through rates from search results ([source](

* Pogosticking back to the search results page ([source](

* Dwell time on a page ([source](

* Bounce rates ([source](

* User engagement data on your web pages ([source](

* User behavior ([source](

* Chrome data outside of [core web vitals]( ([source](

* Google Analytics data ([source](

* Toolbar data ([source](

* Traffic on a web site ([source](

* Shopping cart abandonment ([source](

* E-A-T ([source](

* Responsive design ([source](

* AMP ([source](

* Content accuracy ([source](

* Author bios ([source](

* Structured data markup ([source](

* Word count ([source](

* Outbound links ([source](

* Product prices ([source](

* URL length ([source](

* Accessibility ([source](

* Stars, ratings and reviews ([source](

* Better Business Bureau ([source](

* Trust organizations and badges ([source](

* Domain age ([source](

* 3D & AR images ([source](

* Email newsletter sign ups ([source](

* Google+ 1s ([source](

* Real life user signals ([source](

* Higher page counts ([source](

* Content frequency ([source](


August 07, 2020
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