The last Guest Post is not True..

There's no minimum Alexa Rank at 190M in fact minimum Alexa Rank is around 30M.

The author denied his mistakes after he sent me his PDF file that clearly written 190M.

I hereby deleted that wrong article to avoid more mistaken in future. Other guests post are welcomed but please don't post wrong article.

Thanks 💚


At this moment I'm waiting your new guest post. Indeed I don't want exploit the channel for myself and to be narcissistic.

Share your post with us and you get you and your website is written at this channel as the author.

So... Contact me @reen210 for your article submission plus your username and your website.

Meanwhile waiting your guest post you can scroll up at this channel, maybe you find what you need especially about the basic of backlinks and the list of websites for backlinks building.

October 07, 2020
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