December 04, 2020
Thank you for responding. We have sent our SAT scores to 4 universities so we have used up all the free score report available. If we can't get the necessary financial aid to begin our study I think we have to apply to a different university and $12 is required to send the score. So can CTP Ethiopia help us with that?
Amanuel Mengiste Lemenih
Hello Eyoel. Unfortunately, we don't have the financial means to do that.
Me 😊
Hello. I recently applied to Columbia and other Ivy League schools too. My SAT was a 1440. I didnt know about CTP until recently which I am planning to join next summer if it does not work out this time. My question is how is my SAT compared to other students who joined top schools through CTP? Do you think I have a chance? Because I worked on the other part of the application well and I think the SAT is against me.
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