There is no new post right now. I just updated spreadsheet which already had 71 Linked Domains.

This spreadsheet is editable to allow you create connections with your own website, also I'm busy anytime I must approve your request to edit it.

Here's the update:

Info šŸ“¢

The Best, Permanent and High Authority - Do Follow Backlink - domain is : and

šŸ’š You can check at Semrush or other SEO tools. Both Domains are free to be connected, why you don't try?

šŸ’š Telegram Channel is better than Telegram Group to create backlink. I've tested it.

šŸ’š Create many pages as you can with , don't forget to insert your own website. I've created 30+ pages so far, It trigger High Authority link to your site.


Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are categorized as "NoFollow Backlinks" Surprised? It is Not a Secret Bro.. šŸ˜‚

October 25, 2020
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