📣 If you are passionate about Climate Emergency, Political Activism, Social Equity and Mental Health, and considered being actively involved on the European Level, then this is your chance!

❗️ You can become part of these 4 teams, by filling in this form until the 8th of September, 23:59 CEST!

❔What does a Working Group member do?

As a member of the Working Group, you will be actively developing the Focus Area, deciding the plans of the Working Group together with the coordinator and also working directly on the implementation.

You can only get accepted for one Working Group, but you can apply to more than one if you wish so. Please, share your preference clearly to take it into account and fill in the form separately for each working group.

❔What does an Interim Mental Health Working Group Coordinator (until Autumn Agora 2021) do?

You can find the full task description and selection procedure here.

September 01, 2021
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