šŸ“„ FREE_Website_Submission_Service_Add_Your_URL_for_F

Sample of mine, recorded in a file and shared to some hosted sites. Google Crawler Bot will visit those connections, usually every 20 - 30 hours( my own observations lol...).

Believe Me it works...šŸ™šŸ˜©

So tell me why you need Paid SEO Agent again meanwhile you can do it for absolutely free šŸ†“?


October 10, 2020
Rajesh B
Is this real or joke?
Oct 12, edited
Rajesh B Is this real or joke?
It's a joke for greedy paid SEO agent.

But it's real for poor people who learn SEO by myself step by step just like me
I know my last post hurt many paid SEO agent and I was intended to because in many cases they are fake and didn't bring any results to client's website. Unsatisfied services indeed but drained newbies money a lot....
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