This year we received a large number of applications to Level 2 from extremely qualified candidates. But unfortunately, we had limited number of spots for our level 2 section and could not accept everyone who applied. So if you applied to Level 2 but received an email saying that you've been accepted to Level 1, it means that we were not able to accept you to Level 2.
July 06, 2021
I applied for this summer session but didn't get the E-mail that Mension whether I'm accepted or not……
who is that girl😇😘👑
I didnt get any letter
so even if we're not going to be retaking the SAT? wouldn't a rejection be better than to take a place for something we won't get benefit out of but may be extremely helpful to others who applied specifically for level one and got rejected?
Ada Sete
So when will the session start?
who is that girl😇😘👑 I didnt get any letter
Hey! Create a support ticket at so we can assist you!
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