Why to use Web Forwarding

Why you would use Web Forwarding really depends on the type of Web Forwarding you would use.

Why use permanent web forwarding

The classic case for using permanent web forwarding is when you’re moving a webpage to a new domain name, in which case the permanent web forwarding acts as a kind of forwarding address.

Here are some other reasons:

Forwarding a similar domain name—for example, you might find that users commonly make a typo when typing your domain name and register that domain name so that they can still get to your website. In that case, you could forward the typo domain to your website

Creating a short alias—you can create your own link shortener using a permanent redirection

The content is expired—for example, if you buy a new domain name to use for a promotion that only lasts a few months, you can forward the domain back to your main domain name when the promotion is done

Establishing your default site—these days whether you navigate to example.com or www.example.com, you land on the same webpage. Once you’ve created your site either on your bare domain (without www) or your www subdomain, you can redirect the other one to your site with Web Forwarding

Forcing https—similarly, you can use Web Forwarding to forward the http version of your site to https, so that nobody browses your website unsecured

Reorganizing your website—if you were previously using blog.example.com to host your blog but reorganize your website to use example.com/blog, then you can use permanent web forwarding to help your visitors adjust

The resource is no longer there—likewise, if you decide to take down your blog altogether, you’ll want blog.example.com to forward to example.com instead of going nowhere

 Check if visitors are still getting forwarded to your site after a year by checking your web hosting logs. If people are still using the old web address, it might be listed on a popular website, or one of your social media profiles. This will help you make sure you’ve updated your web address everywhere it’s linked online.

August 02, 2020
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