Based on my own experiences I have concluded it with some features:


šŸ’š Get more intense crawlings by search engine crawlers which will affect your site will faster get indexed.

šŸ’š Your domain is viral in many crawler engines, your domain get more stars ā­ as useful domain)

šŸ’š More simplier URL and easier to remember without copy paste looooonnnnnnggggg URL ( very effective as your own made URL shortener)

šŸ’š Didn't make your homepage get too many http requests


šŸ˜“ Don't create more than 1,000 sub domain forwarding in single domain because Google thinks you use bad SEO tricks

šŸ˜“ Unable to submit to sitemap if you don't have your own target page / property.

Stay tuned šŸŒ±šŸ‘

More experimental on SEO will be posted soon....

August 02, 2020
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